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So I finally got around to uploading some pictures of my Costa Rica trip from mid-February. They're in my Facebook, but just in case I'll repost them here. I'm lazy though, so there's not a lot of commentary.

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I am going to Costa Rica! In one month I'll be lounging by the pool, and lounging on the beach, and most importantly, I'm going to go check out the capuchin and howler monkeys! If I'm really lucky, maybe I'll get to see a jaguar. Fingers crossed.

Also, we're thinking of checking out the World Baseball Classic in Toronto in March, which would pretty much be amazing.

I really need to update here more, but let's face it. I'm lazy. I also had my first practice after the Christmas break today so I'm too brain dead to come up with anything interesting to say. Sorry.
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Yesterday, I was installing something on my laptop that required a restart. My laptop turned off, never to turn on again. No amount of hitting the start button would make it work. The fan just died. I got Matt on the case and he fiddled for a while before telling me that it was pretty dead, but he had another laptop at work that he could maybe pull parts from. If not, I'd need to buy a few replacement parts.

A few minutes later, I hear him on the phone with work people. It's after 8, but this isn't unusual. He's a network admin, so he's always working after hours and on weekends. He hangs up the phone and tells me he has to go in to work, but it shouldn't take long. Since he's going in, he'll take my laptop and see if the spare parts work out. I thought how nicely that worked out, but I didn't say it because he had to leave in the middle of the night when it was just about -40 out.

He was only gone for about 20 minutes. He came in and told me that the parts he had worked, and he got my laptop back up and running. I'm all excited because yay, my laptop isn't dead. I wander back into the computer room to do something on my desktop, then return to the living room a minute later to find a brand new, shiny, super fast laptop set up on my laptop table.

The phone call, the spare parts, it was all lies. He had my Christmas present waiting at his office so when my laptop died, he just figured he'd give it to me early.

It's so pretty.

Very fast, almost 300 gigs of space, and instead of a password when I log in I swipe my fingerprint. Seriously. It's so pretty. Did I mention fast? My day at work is going to crawl by today, knowing the beautiful thing is sitting at home waiting to be played with.
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I didn't know my love for Darren Hayes could grow any more, but it seems I was very wrong. This is from his MySpace account, where he wrote about the recent vote on Prop 8 in California:

"This is a picture of Richard and I recently in Paris.

We're married.
Some folks in California decided to change the American Constitution to legislate
that this right should not be given to gay people in California.
Presumably because of what gay people will do to the definition of marriage.

Just so we are clear, this is our definition of marriage:
We want to grow old together.
We love each other so much that we want to share our lives together, forever.
We are monogamous. We're faithful. We're in it for the long haul.
Sometimes we argue over who's turn it is to make a cup of tea, but for the most
part we are soul mates.

If, God forbid, one of us should fall ill, one of us will take care of the other one.
If,, God forbid, one of us should pass away suddenly, we would want our estate to go
to the one of us who survives.
We'd like other stuff too, like, you know, the same tax breaks as other married couples
and the civil rights you would extend any other committed couple in the free world.
And to be able to be respected and receive the same rights that everyone else has.

But mostly, we just want to grow old together.

We're really lucky that the country we live in allows for same sex partners to receive
all of these things. But some folks in California recently decided that some Americans
did not deserve this same respect.

So for those people who voted to 'ban' gay marriage; to take away a right and permanently
discriminate against a minority group - I wanted to share this picture of Richard and I.
It's us, tearing down the fabric of good society and the sanctity of marriage in Paris.
Lock up your children!"
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I am actually finally going to start using a personal journal over at IJ. It'll be more RP related than this one but if anyone on my list here has an IJ, let me know so I can add you!

but what about all the good things Hitler did?

Be ye red, blue, a different shade of blue, orange, green, independent or other (Marxist-Leninist ftw?) be sure to get out and vote today. Apathy is lame. Vote and be happy you don't live in a country where the Nazis/Russians/Taliban/Chinese shoot you for it.

And check your voter card so you don't show up at the wrong place to vote like I did. It was awesome.

True Dad Confessions

"Dear Childfree people:
You are not missing anything by not having kids, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Enjoy your tidy houses, your vast amounts of disposable incomes, your free time, your ability to sleep in, your grand holidays.

Because anyone that tells you that you 'must' have kids is jealous of all those things."
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It's raining. It has been raining most of the day. Even if it stopped raining now, the field would be dangerously water logged.

So my coach sends a message saying we'll meet at the field and THEN decide if the practice is going to go on or not.

...sigh. I have to get dressed, and pick up a teammate, and get out there just to go IT'S RAINING and come home. Meanwhile the Yankees are playing the Jays, Doc's pitching and I'll miss a chunk of it.

I am annoyed.

edit: we had practice. it was freezing and miserable and no one could grip the ball well enough to actually aim throws. very useless.